bear with me as i get things going

This blog is the beginning of some musings I have been having.  Back up about 3 years ago… I was working on my Master’s Degree from Boston University, when for a class I was taking I was to create a website, be it for a blog, a business (commerce), non-profit/cause, etc., and I had a great time basically vomiting a hodgepodge of information I had been digesting over the previous 9 years of my current career.  Next thing I know, much of the information I was blogging about was information many people, and when I say many, I mean most, did not know or did not understand.  I was on to something – and now here I am.

So where did the last 3 years go and why just now start?  Life.  We all know what that means.  Stuff just gets in the way of our best ideas or intentions.  Now, I am forcing myself to make the time.  So here is my first post.  I have to start somewhere – get the ball rolling so to speak.

So, what do I mean by ‘because common sense is not so common’?  Well you all have heard at some point in your life the phrase ‘common sense’, and usually you hear it in a condescending manner in a conversation where one person says, ‘why in the world did they do that?  They should have done (whatever it is being discussed) instead, it’s just common sense.’  Ah, there it is ‘it’s just common sense’.  Oh really?

That is my mission here, to offer up my ‘two cents’ on the subject (whatever the subject may be), because there is a lot that people do or do not do, or think they know, when they really do not.  In our world of social media, blogs, and the like, there is misinformation galore.  While I have no delusions about this blog being an authority on anything much, I do hope to touch a few lives for the better.  Knowledge can be infectious, and it can spread like a virus.  I hope to spread only the good kind.

If you are still with me at this point, I thank you for reading.  Follow me or check back later.  I will get more content going within…  well, when I can make time.  Maybe I will find a common sense approach to blogging and get it done.  Until then…